This outfit is only for mesh bodies ( Belleza Isis, Freya, Venus; Maitreya Lara; and 
Slink Physique and Hourglass). Top and shirt are sold separately, and skirt can be worn with or 
without bow). 

It's available only @ Shiny Shabby Event 

High waist shorts and tank top *only for mesh bodies*: Belleza (Venus, Freya and Isis),
Maitreya Lara, Slink (Physique and Hourglass).
The tank top has a hud with 6 colors option.

Available from 17 August 2016 @ Tres Chic Event

Swimwear for guys ( just for mesh bodies: Slink, Signature and TMP)
each style (sport, plain and 69) is sold with a 10 colors options hud
You can find them at Legal Insanity Mainstore

This mini ripped mini denim skirt is available for standard bodies, in 5 sizes, and mesh bodies (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya beta and TMP)
Using a hud is possible to change the belt beads color (6 options)
The shirt is also available for standard bodies and mesh bodies, with a hud and 4 designs each shirt (kawaii, sport, yoga and cats designs)

available from 7th August 2016 
only @ Anybody

New from Legal Insanity!! 
100% Original Mesh - Rolled jeans w/ flannel tied around the waist. Also V-neck sweater both with addon huds with many color options!
For guys: 5 standard sizes plus Signature, TMP, Slink bodies
For girls: Belleza bodies, Slink bodies and Lara beta 
(no standard sizes for the female version)

available only @ The Crossroads
(starts on 3rd August 2016)

Men Only Monthly Event is a very special event for me and my brand, I always try to give my best for it, it's a very important appointment for us guys in Sl!
Clay jeans are grunge and urban, they are available in standard sizes and fitted mesh for SLINK body, SIGNATURE body and AESTHETIC body (beta version).
In the basic pack the shirt is tartan black, to personalize it you can choose from 5 different addons, some tartans, plain colors, camo designs and a very summery hawaiian style (if you wanna feel a badass surfer, lol!)

Men Only Monthly starts on 20th July 2016

Summertime! This pants are something! a lot of options! First of all, they come in 2 different versions (with 3 or 2 boxers) each design can be personalized with 4 different pants options and 2 boxers options, and if this isn't enough for you, there are also boxer addons to fully personalize your pants and boxers in your unique style! 5 standard sizes and fitted mesh for SLINK PHYSIQUE and TMP (beta) 

To complete the outift is also available a tank, JUST FOR SLINK PHYSIQUE MESH BODY,
in, wow! 10 color / style options controlled via hud.

Only available at The Boys of Summer
a Depraved Nation Event starting on July 16th 2016
.. don't miss! 

New! From Legal Insanity!
Beautiful & fresh Bikini with colored beads and strings :)
fits Belleza, Maitreya (Beta), & Slink bodies.
Several different color options available.

Available @ Mainstore and Marketplace

New! From Legal Insanity!
Beautifully hand crafted Bikini tops & bottoms (available separately)
fits Belleza, Maitreya (Beta), & Slink bodies.
Several different color options available.

Only at the Anybody event
starts 7th July 2016

mesh jeans with belt for mesh bodies ONLY (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya beta)
available in 4 denim colors, belt is customizable via HUD

available only @ Lost and Found Event
starts June, 22nd 2016